Sunday, December 11, 2011

I Will Not Say

I will not say, she is dead
That she passed
Or that she is no longer with us.
I will not say that she is gone.

For because she tended the land she stood on,
she does still.
The rose from last year that felt her hand,
Will reach for the sun again, in time.

And the Creatures that she sheltered
Rode and ran with,
Rake the earth with hardened hooves
Or padded feet
Touching ground she knew
And knows.
And do it, knowing her still because the
Trail is Familiar.

And We... You and I
Have been altered.
Our lives radiate out in myriad directions
And we are
Changed, enriched and her,
Giving a part of her away, a golden gift
Each time we connect with the world.
Again and again.
Over and over,
Ever and always,
Simply because she ‘Is’.

I will not say...


(Carmon's Penelope Rose)


  1. Heartfelt and beautiful. Thank you for these true and touching words.

  2. Yes, thank you. I feel as if this site allows us all to hold hands. Together, in our grief of a death and celebration of a life.

  3. You're all welcome. Any time you would like to add something, please let me know.

  4. Robin, what a lovely tribute to your friend. I am very familiar with not wanting to speak or even write the words that say a loved one is gone, a telling sign of the pain we feel.

    Also thank you for letting me know about Carmon. Dealing with illness myself, I have been unable to keep up my usual rounds with my blogging friends so without your email, I would not have known until I finally got well enough to touch base with all my cyber friends. At the rate I am recovering God only knows how long that would have taken. Bless you for caring enough to do this. MiKael

  5. Dear MiKael,
    You are more than welcome. Not much goes on here but I feel there's a feeling peace to it.

    I'm sorry to hear you are dealing with illness and I'll send prayers and warm thoughts your way.

    Take good care...